Itasca State Park Sunset

I love the outdoors and nature. I love trying to capture it as well through photography. I am in awe of the amazing world around me…

I have had the privilege to grow up on a farm with 7 siblings and amazing parents. My Mom and Dad have been such great examples of God’s unconditional love…. I could not have asked for a more loving family.

I also have had the privilege to go on to school… completing my undergraduate degree in Nursing from Bemidji State (it only took me 20 years 🙂 I then completed my Masters in Public Health Nursing from the University of Minnesota and my doctorate from Mankato State University in Public Health Nursing.

I have worked as a nurse in some form for over 40 years.. from being a nursing assistant in a nursing home (hardest and most rewarding job I have ever done), med surg, rehab, OB, public health, home visits, School nurse, and many other very rewarding jobs in nursing. Now I currently teach Public Health Nursing at Metropolitan State University. I love the face to face interactions with the students-and I love the diversity of our student body at Metro State.. however, I am sad to say- many of our programs are moving online… so what I love the most (seeing the students and interacting with them) has changed.

One of my most favorite birds is the hummingbird.  It symbolizes the enjoyment of life as well as the lightness of being. Despite its small size, it is capable of the most amazing feats; traveling distances, flying backwards, and able to move its body swiftly, changing directions quickly and smoothly.  This tiny bird is adaptable to its surroundings, has great resiliency, and adds a sense of playfulness to life.

As I continue in my life’s journey, I am fascinated by the adaptability and resiliency of the human race.  Each of us has challenges as well as moments of enjoyment in life.  Photography has the ability to ‘be present’ and capture those moments that allow us to express ourselves and take us back to that juncture in time.  For me, taking pictures of animals and birds connects me to nature and brings a sense of calmness to the craziness and busyness of life.  I hope you enjoy the photos I share on my site!